The Good Nature Guide

illustration of a man by tree rings

For Returning Readers:

This is the new GoodNature Guide. My old website (which was actually really, really new) was completely obliterated by hackers. I underestimated the scope and powers that hackers have and also didn't think they would want or care to go after a small blog like mine. I am returning with this simpler website which I actually like a lot more. I was writing a piece on creativity and expression on the internet when my site went down back in March, and the piece focused on using old school html and css based websites using community hosting services such as Geocities and Neocities. This was a perfect excuse for me to re-design and publish my blog using Neocities. I hope to continue to write on this platform on a less frequent basis.

For New Readers:

Thank you so much for checking out GoodNature Guide! This was originally a much larger website built on Wordpress with a lot of baggage. The idea remains the same however. Below is what I wrote for my first post explaining GNG.

Introduction - Blog (Gross)

The word ‘blog’ has always sounded gross to me. Not that I have anything against bogs or logs or blobs or anything like that. It just seems to me a disingenuous description of something that could have the potential to hold information and ideas as important as any book.

This silly aversion is no excuse to not write a blog, and I am clearly reaching for reasons to have not started one yet. You see - it is true that I am a bit of a procrastinator, a lover of experience and existing for existence sake, an idler, a slacker - whatever you want to call it - I may be it…

Or at least that’s what I’ve always told myself.

So what’s with the constant desire to create things? And then what’s with not doing it and feeling unfulfilled?

This Blog. I will say that and call it that. No more squirming away from disgusting words - I’ll embrace it. This blog; GoodNature Guide is my idea for something to break me out of my shell and to help others break out of theirs. GoodNature Guide is to be a place to share stories, interviews, ideas - focusing on nice people, places and things. A place to be vulnerable and non-judgemental. I want to write from my heart and don’t care if the writing is rough around the edges. That is a main theme of GoodNature Guide : Stay Vulnerable, Be Fearless. Let’s stop thinking about writing and start writing. It doesn’t have to be perfect - that will come in time. If you or someone you know would like to contribute to GoodNature Guide - please Email Me.

Why I'm starting this website, or who needs yet another website to check on?

This is a good question. Why add to the overwhelming amount of text, audio and images available on the internet? What right do I have to say this is important enough to read? I'm not saying that it is, or will be quite yet, but its not really about importance or value right now.

I want GoodNature Guide to be something a bit different. I'd like it to be a refuge from all the hostility and negativity happening in the world. I don't want to ignore, pretend its not there, or say that everything is fine. That is not the point of this blog.

The point of GoodNature Guide is not to be naive or optimistic, but to:
  • embrace the good things
  • seek out people we can look to for inspiration and hope
  • relay stories of kindness and compassion
  • create posts about anything we might find interesting, beautiful, exciting, etc.
  • challenge ourselves on our own journeys publicly and earnestly, openly and in real time; and to encourage others to do the same
GoodNature Guide will also feature:
  • solid mixtapes
  • travel writing
  • recipes
  • shared art
and perhaps most importantly:
  • a way to communicate with each other. To form a community of good natur'd peeps willing to encourage and share with others. Helping us all realize our true passions, grow together emotionally, and our future goals.
  • create a network of community activists who will help each other out, look out for one another, and combat isolation and loneliness in our lives.
  • open up an online library of goods available for our community to use.

The GoodNature Forum will be such a place. Here we can make friends and chat with each other in a way we did when the internet was fun!

At least that's what we're aiming for.

So in a sense, GoodNature Guide is one part guidebook, one part community resource, and one part mixtape. The common thread is that everything will focus on good things! Sound nice? I hope so. One other thing: I cannot guarantee that everything posted on GoodNature Guide will be rosy and peachy — sometimes we'll write about something troubling or something unresolved or about something that just pisses us off.  - There are exceptions to the rules, as Andre the Giant once said:

andre the giant speaking of hulk hogan

This is an experiment, and one I definitely hope you'll like to take part in!